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Karen's Movie News!

Karen will soon be appearing on Irish cinema screens in the new Irish movie The Bright Side, in which she plays a major role. Directed by Ruth Meehan and based on the memoir by former Nuala, Anne Gildea, The Bright Side follows the fortunes of a stand-up comedian who gets breast cancer.

"It was a huge privilege to be involved in such an important film," says Karen. "I'm very excited by the project.

The Bright Side won the Audience Award when it premiered online in November, 2020, as part of the Cork Film Festival. 

It also won the Jury Prize 'Honorable Mention' at the Sonoma Festival, California, March 2021.

The Bright Side will have a cinema release nationwide from August 20th, 2021.

Karen's Writing News!

In 2019, Karen was commissioned by Finland's national broadcaster, YLE, to write a ten-part radio comedy series, The Choir. Broadcast in spring 2020, this faux documentary follows nine hilarious characters as they fight for the survival of their beloved choir.

This follows Karen's success in Finland with her radio play, Stuck (2017).

"Writing The Choir has been the opportunity of a lifetime," says Karen. "I'm having such fun with the characters, and rising to the challenge of a ten-parter."

Karen's Theatre News!

In May 2019 at Dublin's Project Arts Centre, Karen presented an excerpt of Warrior, a play she has been developing with funding from the Arts Council. 


Drawing on theatre, comedy and music, Warrior aims to explore what it's like to be a patient in a medical setting.


"It was a joy to work with a great creative team in presenting Warrior," says Karen, "including dramaturg Maureen White, Musical Director and longtime collaborator Cian Boylan, musician Damian Evans, and actors Enda Kilroy, Ruth McGill."

‘Warrior’ has received Arts Council funding for a theatre presentation in 2021.

This development project has been generously supported by funding from the Arts Council.