Karen to play clairvoyant!

Karen will commence rehearsals for a new play ‘Kaikkea Hyvää’, written and directed by renowned Finnish playwright, Juha Siltänen. Acting in Finnish and English, Ms Egan will be playing the role of a clairvoyant who frequently bursts into song. Joined by a host of talented Finnish actors including: Angelika Meusel, Jaana Pesonen and Markus Järvenpää, Karen is looking forward to donning her new persona as melodic medium.

Rehearsals will take place in February and March, premiering on Friday 16th March  at the Hilkka-stage, Rakastajat-Teatteri. (www.rakastajat.com)

Finland, Finland, Finland!

After becoming a regular favourite at the Lainsuojattomat-Festivaali in Pori, Finland, Karen has been invited to join Rakastajat-teatteri as a visiting artist from July 2011 until the end of May 2012. Ms Egan will be perfoming her new one-woman show ‘Love Me or Leave Me’ with Finnish musicians Mika Lahnajoki and Samu Repo. She will also be performing in Finnish in two plays by Helsinki playwright, Juha Siltänen‘Tonight Mänkki; eli Tiernapojat’ and ‘Kaikkea Hyvää’.

Being part-Finnish, Ms Egan is of course delighted at the prospect of re-connecting with her Northern-European roots. Tervetuloa!